A New Era for Agency Regulation

Hello To You All,

The year seems to be going quicker with every passing week! While the market is continuing to remain strong, the lack of properties on the market is a factor in the reduced time to sell and higher prices as buyers move quickly to secure a purchase.

The NSW Government is in the process of legislating some very wide reaching changes to agents licencing standards. These changes will now require a greater level of competency prior to agents being able to own an agency and will also require all agents to transition to holding a full licence within four years.  Yass & Murrumbateman Real Estate supports these changes as a way to increase the professionalism throughout the industry and, with three of our agents already having held licences for many years and one agent to shortly be awarded a licence will be ready to comply with the changes when they come into effect later in the year.

With the number of different licencing categories it is important to check that the agent you are considering using has the required licence to sell your property. The best way to easily check this is to visit https://www.onegov.nsw.gov.au/publicregister/#/publicregister/categories This check will reveal whether the licence or certificate is current and also what types of licences they hold.

On a very positive note, Michael is continuing to make remarkable progress with his walking and physiotherapy. He is very much looking forward to being home in the next couple of months.

Kind Regards,

The Yass & Murrumbateman Real Estate Team