Aerial Photography

Hello to you All,

There has been a fair amount of conversation recently surrounding drone photography. This technology has opened up the powerful marketing tool of aerial photography and videography that was historically cost prohibitive.  Our agency has used this technology very successfully but it must be used with some caution.   


Firstly it needs to be operated by a professional who understands what the end goal is. Too high and you lose the impact of a panorama view, too low you are capturing nothing more than a standard photo.  Framing the photos is just as important in aerial photography as it is on the ground.  A badly shot photo will not capture the buyer’s attention for the right reasons.  

The type of property, and time of year, also needs to be considered. Drone photography rarely suits a home in town on a standard block.  Generally it is an effective tool on broad acre farming and lifestyle properties to give an overview of the land or on certain rural residential homes.

The surroundings need consideration. Aerial photography showing your neighbours yard piled with old cars would be unlikely to entice a buyer!  There are also strict privacy laws in place which can mean that aerial photography on a town block could actually be illegal in certain circumstances.   

Aerial photography can certainly give a listing the ‘wow factor’ but it needs to be used judiciously so that it doesn’t turn buyers away.

Kind regards,

Michael Gray